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Catching Cubesats with Pete's SDR Dongle Digitizing old paper logs (and finding a lot more HB rigs) Interviews with Eric 4Z1UG on QSO Today Podcast FDIM interviews by Bob Crane Peter Parker's review of DSB kit MAILBAG: Parts from W8NSA Colin's tuna Tin Mighty Mite Dean's Tiny Tia Bryan's MMM dreams Armand braves the heat at the Manassas Hamfest Solder Smoke Podcast #177 Solder Smoke Podcast #176 Bench Update: Pete releases some magic (amplifier) smoke Pete's new termination-insensitive transceiver makes first contact Bill goes Yaesu (well, just a filter) Juliano Mill-Pad boards Termination Insensitivity is not a personality disorder! Pete's cool technique for bilat building Bill's project notebook and stage testing Installing the W6JFR EMRFD SBL-1 Bal-Mod Mod AREA 5351: Myths, Urban Legends, and Conspiracy Theories about the Si5351 A Rule of Thumb for Sideband Inversion Dongle Madness and the Dangers of Dongle Modification What is a dongle?

Solder Smoke Podcast #178 18 July 2015 Anniversaries: Pete Juliano -- One year with the podcast BITX20 -- Ten years of homebrew fun Solder Smoke Podcast: Ten years of podcasting Bench Report: Pete's ZIA and LBS II Bill messes around with old microphones Looking ahead: Pete plans antennas Bill lusts after ladder line (spurred on by Farhan's new blog) On the Air Reports: Pete on 20 with ZIA and LBSII Bill having fun on 40 (even with the Spectral Purity Police) Bill tries rock-bound QRPp. (Spoiled by QRO BITX luxury) Bill's verdict: BITX40 with Yaesu filter, Si5351, and TIA best of the 3 rigs.

Frank KM4AXA repairs a rig and thus adds SOUL to the machine. HCJB: Home of the Quad, but DX Party line is over Butane, Loctite, Scotchbrite, Velcro, and Gorilla tape Getting the 17 meter SSB station going -- trials, tribulations, triumph! Winter approaches: Shack heating by Heath, Halli, Hammarlund and Drake. Rig Re-Cycling: Rebuilding 17 meter rigs from the last solar cycle.

GET YOUR COPY OF the Solder Smoke BOOK: "Solder Smoke -- A Global Adventure in Radio Electronics" CHECK OUT THE SOLDERSMOKE STORE: Smoke SOLDERSMOKE BLOG: the version that ships from Europe use this URL: For the version that ships from the USA use this URL: SDR Adventures and Misadventures. Update on the BITX40 Module Revolution -- Check out the BITXHACKS page. Bill working on VFO for a rig built around HRO dial and gear box. A Confession: Using Amplified Computer Speakers Back to the lipsticked pig. Dayton and FDIM underway Bench Reports: Pete: -- Repurposing old Circuitry -- Pete's Display -- New Transmitter -- LBS in Japan and at Dayton Bill: -- S38-E The lipstick has worn off. SPECIAL FEBRUARY ANTENNA DISCUSSION Why we build antennas in February. ) Roadkill computing CQ interviews Joe Taylor, K1JT New Spart and new Sprat CD AA1TJ's voice-powered transmitter (and some advice from Italy) QSOs from Ponticelli: Dk1HW/P (SOTA) and UN9GD. MAILBAG - Solder Smoke116.mp3 27 September 2009 Wild Boar Hunting Season Opens SPRAT and QQ on Kindle? Doublet antenna in Ponticelli Ponticelli QSOs on 40, 20, and 15 Steve Roberts -- Knack on a Bike AA1TJ goes Iron Pyrite and Point Contact Princess Elettra Marconi Solder Smoke Book: Price Reduced AND Oktoberfest Sale! ) Trastevere flea and a return to 1995 Electric airplanes Ether rediscovered? Even Farhan Fries Transistors Google marks Tesla's birthday Adventures with Google Ads Spotting the Space Station from Rome (and from London) Arthur C.

Followed advice of Ken G4IIB and got a 50 buck tablet with Google Play. His videos are a treasure trove of tribal knowledge. NO COMMECIAL GEAR David White WN5Y ELECTROLUMINESCENT RECEIVER EXPLAINED Rob Sherwood NC0B Chris KD4PBJ's BITX 40 with improved stability Jerry W0PWE built a DIGITIA! Bill needs small (yellow slug) 455 kc transformers. Solder Smoke Podcast #189 August 6, 2016 Billy in Europe. Great News: Little Gonzalo is "all clear." Thanks for the help. Pete's FET amplifier project with FET switching and key pad Using an Si5351 for CW offset and QSK. " LCR recommendations ...................................... But not as nice as PA3GSV's Tweaking a VFO the old fashioned way Reduction Drive Re-works. MAILBAG ************************** Solder Smoke Podcast #187: May 21 2016 Second Anniversary of Pete Juliano's arrival on the Solder Smoke Podcast. (QRP, HB, DSB category) New England Code Talker Monitoring Apollo 11 Adventures in Surface Mount Soldering with Softrock 40 MAILBAG - Solder Smoke117.mp3 24 October 2009 Climbing Monte Calvo Horesback riding Piggy-backs = LOWER BACK PAIN Visit of Bob, W8SX, Soldersmoke correspondent in Dayton AA1TJ's point contact adventures -- Backwaves and Backwash AF Collins on Kindle -- "William" Marconi Hans Summers and Turkish Piracy RSGB Convention via Skype "Air and Space" Aurora Article My new, old Pentium III with Ubuntu (Thanks Jorge! MAILBAG Solder Smoke113.mp3 August 9, 2009 The Ponticelli Astronomical Observatory and QRP Station Mystery Sound -- Can you ID?

-- Keeping things in perspective: It is 100 db down! -- The launch of Orion -- N2CQR/HI Beach Portable DSB on 20 -- Video review: "The Wanderers" November 4, 2014 The benefits of software inefficiency. Kluge FDIM INTERVIEWS: G3RJV on one and done projects, Sodder vs. AA1TJ goes "All Tunnel Diode." Marconi's HUGE cap = 1.7 u F. Ramakrishnan VU3RDD notes that Tesla had The Knack. ECHO-GUEST: Part II of our QSO with Randy AG5RS in Dubai.

-- On 40 AM with an HT-37 -- Listening to Chinese Cube Sats. -- The Solder Smoke lexicon -- words and phrases we use (a lot). -- Pete's new Blog: Bill's big amplifier problem fixed thanks to Allison KB1GMX. THE Si5351 PHASE NOISE CONTROVERSY -- ALL oscillators make noise. ) Pete and Ben's Article in QRP Quarterly Available free here: DEEP SPIRITUAL REWARDS of DC Receivers The Importance of Good Power Supplies SPRAT Article on HW8 Design Error Latest Edition of Hot Iron Elecraft KX3 -- Has one of the best receivers in the world Solder Smoke 170: January 11, 2015 Bill's Double A, DSB, Dipole, Dominican DX-pedition. " Dream Seeing the Southern Cross with Soviet Binoculars Pete goes remote SI5351 a chip with a lot of potential Pete's experiments with Nokia LCD displays Michigan Mighty Mites around the world The Postal Stream Roller Steve Silverman's very kind variable cap offer MOXON modeling with EZNEC Aspirations for 2015 Solder Smoke 169 December 6, 2014 -- 25 crystals "deployed" to new Colorburst Liberation Army recruits -- OBJECTIVE: For now, just oscillation -- Using the Reverse Beacon Network (when time comes to transmit) -- W2DAB's Mighty Mite: trials, tribulations, triumphs (and karma) -- Explaining the Mighty Mite (all 7 parts) -- Minima IF evolution -- up to 25 Mhz? -- Different kinds of Arduinos -- Si5350s and amateur experimentation -- First menus, now KEYPADS! -- How the VFO KILLED the Tek 465 -- Trying to fix the Tek 465 (not for the faint of heart) -- New products: Justin Beiber Duct Tape, bifocal safety glasses, magnetic reading glasses, Ward Silver's new book -- Backwards British Bike Brakes -- MAILBAG Solder Smoke 154 August 11, 2013 -- Alligators! (see picture below -- look closely) -- Ten meter beacon project (with Arduino and Reverse Beacon Network) -- Telescope repair: Chap Stick as lubricant, and the perils of macular pucker! -- The Wonders of WSPR and our need for instant feedback and gratification. -- MAILBAG Manassas Hamfest Building a Balanced Modulator in LTSpice Peter Parker's Minimalist SDR receiver Alberto I2PHD's SDRadio program My Arduous Arduino Adventure: Sig Generator MAR-1 amplifier chip WSPRing again (the sound of WSPR) Broadening my Barebones Superhet for phone Cliff Stoll on Kludge vs.

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Welcome to the Florida obituaries page, where you will find links, databases, and resources that will help you find obituaries and vital records related information.

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We also made sure to include both random text and video chat options, just like the original website.

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In addition to online profiles, students can check out parties and social events posted on the message boards. Student Love: This site lets you search through college students from any state.

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