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that's probably why they wanted to hide as much as they could his true identity. i have, too, trying to imagine the strength of the impact, the infer no that must have taken place, these picture convey that very powerfully, indeed. just released tapes from the shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri could add more fuel to the fire. this goes back to what we all new that that robbery at the market had nothing to do with him stopping michael brown and dorian johnson. frankly, from most of the accounts we heard, he doesn't approach them. alisyn, this morning, the government of britain is worried about isis home grown terrorist attacks and this man, a self styled dating coach, britain find his techniques for schmoozeing women so bad the country is considering bank him. tweet me your questions and watch the responses coming up from the man, himself. he is the fifth western hostage killed by militants. want to turn to cnn national security analysts and former that's right. with when they first reported this system wide shutdown, they said it was being brought down for maintenance which we now know wasn't entirely accurate. look, the state department -- we ought to wonder whether this is more prevasive throughout the agencies. look, all all of the unclassified government systems are connected to the internet. that's also the point of vulnerabili vulnerability. because of that, many are talking about buying time. over the course of years, people in villages and towns start to say security is nice, but i can't live in an environment i'm beheaded because i don't shire the beliefs of the group taking over. people in these villages today say these guys might be better than the iraqi government. in other news, mh-17 back in the headline, video surfacing of the actual crash in ukraine. the bright spot is truckloads are finally being removed. that recovery operation is working at that exact site collecting that section of the fuselage, the wings the engines. it's important it's happening now, winter is almost here. hits family says footage conflicts with what they say the day their son was shot and killed by officer wilson. clue what darren wilson according to one alleged source said actually happened august 9th. these are the first images of officer darren wilson in the white tee-shirt. it's not what this case is going to rise or fall on. this is not a leak this came out as a function of sunshine laws. he sort of got involved after saying like, umm, do you need my help? those other officers are the ones on the way to the scene. you have to remember, we are trying to put together scraps of information. the president condemned the beheading calling it quote an act of pure evil. that's why we are seeking clairification by this decision. if it's a state actor, they may have gone into the white house. when they saw the white house hack, they would have done a forensic analysis of it. they look at what was being targeted and how did you get into the system. what that means in the practical sense is that instead of passing a bill to fund the government for the entire year which is the current plan, it passes short term funding bills to make sure the government doesn't shut down when it runs out of money. also try to figure out a way to get around this executive order while they have that time that they've bought. it's going to take them a long time to say they don't provide a future for my children and part of the problem is as we give ourselves, endull -- endulg ourselves, we're making it worse. officials say only unclassified e-mail systems were affected. they are not saying if it may have been the twork of a foreign government t. For further information on exhibiting, or to book your ad space in the conference brochure, please call 1 (212) 722 1744 ext 4 or you can e-mail us For additional information on promotional opportunities, please click HERE or e-mail an inquiry.

the reason why that whole recovery operation is delayed is that ongoing conflict, which continues to be a cease-fire back in september. the artillery the rocket, they continue to fly backwards and forth. amidst these reports, these assessments there has been a major influx of russian troops and weaponry here into this separatist territory. it's what nato thinks and european observers think they have seen on the ground. federal drug enforcement agents paid a surprise visit to at least two nfl teams following sunday's games, questioning trainers and doctors into allegations of illegal precipitation drug use. what is any of this new information going to mean legally? let's deal with the video, cnn reporting knocked down the idea of there being any significant injury, orbital fracture, there are a lot of rumors early on. they may have exaggerated it to help their fellow cop. he returned back to the police station at which no time an incident report was done. there is no robbery involved in that but then something checks. truckloads of don't are finally being removed from that crash site, bill cosby's attorney is speaking out against rain allegations saying cosby will not respond to the decades old discredited claims. there is a press report out of gulf news.com, a website that says that c.a.r.e. the muslim brotherhood is not a terrorist organization. good.® there is no car because there was no accident. it's hard for the federal government to ask the private sector to help them when at the similar ti same time the leadership is talking out of both sides of your mouth. let's bring in bernie sanders, independent from vermont, chairman of the senate veterans affairs committee and member of the budget committee. if if you pass a legislation, i'm resend the order. even if it means by acting unilaterally, he threatens the relationship for any possible compromise. with the scientific community, it tells us virtually unanimously is that climate change is real, already causing devastating problems. if i do it, i know i'll need millions of people engaged in a grass roots campaign to take on big money at the fight for an agenda, jobs program, raising minimum wage, pay equity for women, dealing with climate change. trainers and doctors from the 40 remain silent, seahawks and buccaneers are asked about ramping distribution of illegal painkillers by medical personnel. if you have for example in a country like egypt, 80 million people. i was excited because i went to a performance arts high school.

we can hear it here from donetsk, heavy weapons being use ltd. russia, the separatists deny all of this, the concern is on the ukrainian government's side, a new major offense siv about to gen. reporter: good morning,al zin, three teams ran into inspections after their road games on sunday. he looks, probably in his rear view mirror and michael brown, he has swisher cigars in his hand. it may be now he says these are the guys in the robbery. this weekend, he was interviewed about his african-american art collection. have yyou have to show not only you say it, but doing things different. i will be following you, so is the audience him tweet us your comments, use the hashtag new day. was included because of your long standing ties to the muslim brotherhood. it's widely recognized as a popular movement in the muslim world and c.a.r.e. so their decision, if it's true, they have taken this decision it has no factual basis in reality. volvo's most advanced accident avoidance systems ever. senator, great to have you on set here at "new day." let me ask you this. more people living in poverty than any other time in the country. over six years we've seen the republicans doing hundreds and hundreds of fill busters. if election meant there was a new beginning that now they will once again be at logger heads, could be a government shutdown and all the other ripple effect. the difference was congress had been massaged in the direction of the ultimate reform. have you heard republicans talking in a serious way about immigration reform? the president is like we have problems and got to act a. if we do not transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, this planet is going to face serious problems. candidates who are fighting for the working class and middle class of this country may not be able to do it anymore because of the power of the billionaire class. claims were made by 1,000 former nfl players in a class action lawsuit against the league. today reporting 600,000 are waiting a month or more for appointments. if only 20% of them support the islamic state, you're still talking about a pool of 16 million people to recruit. stop helping by two of their prime targets, assad government in syria and islamic republic of iran. the disappearance of 43 college kids and their assumed murders still demands answers. we were planning spring fest which was like everyone was getting parts and scene roles.

the agents were conducting interviews with trainers and staff with painkillers t. he was given a chance to respond but close to remain silent. a so-called stateing cope is now being called the most hated man in the world. i teach guys how to socialize approach women, but i also teach them how to back off. as i mentioned, i should have put more focus on the consent 100% but you know a lot of ours are for guys. the world's reaction is to broaden more focus on that if i continue with to teach this, i teach consent in a very clear way, if there is how to reach girl, what signs she is not into it. we will share your thoughts we will discuss this in the next hour. in fact, it's all hearsay guilt by association and this should be challenged publicly and we have not seen a judicial or political basis. the future of safety, from the company that has always brought you the future of safety. what's your answer to the basic question of should the president do this? we passed legislation, got a majority vote to raise the minimum wage, do pay equity, jobs program. the president is finally saying immigration is a serious problem. if you guys don't do it -- remember the senate last year passed a reasonably good bill. well, for six years we are trying to get the republicans to support anything. the vast majority of people want immigration reform. we have kids born in this country that are going to see a situation and may be expelled. when the president signed these executive orders stopping the families from being separated, congress undid it. that leadership and compromise has not been found here. the republican party is different than it was back then. what he said over and over again, if you pass legislation are, i'll resend executive orders. the idea that we would give a green light for the transportation of 800,000 there were faulty studies. long wait times still a big problem at va hospitals and clinics. that amounts of 10% of all veteran affairs patients. by our focus, legitimate mating the overthrow, we're fuelling their strongest recruitment tools. demonstrators as well as the student's parents have created tense standoffs with police. orange is the new black, diana reveals her older brother and dad were deported. people here know that our operations have an impact locally. seven weeks after the 43 college students vanished demonstrators are demanding answers. a lot of people in this area say hey, we support the effort to find these 43 missing students. mass protestors blocking the highway and syphoning gas, enough to scare drivers and people who call mexico home. if you're obsess issed with orange is the new black you'd recognize this actress.

it supposedly shows the moments after malaysian airlines flight 17 was brought down. the question of who is to blame hangs in the air there and at the g-20 summit, that's where russian president putin left early after getting a chilly interception in ukraine. snow will be blanketing that countryside very soon, indeed, crucially, as they move that wreckage they are still finding human remains. it is unclear in the video if wilson was suffering injuries, he sustained bruises and had a swollen face after his alleged struggle with brown. also the time, two hours before he went to the hospital with a lawyer at that makes me question why at no point was there an incident report done? it's not a leej when you talk about the duration here, two minutes is actual lay long time when dealing with violent i started to hear the audio, the first thing i thought he wasn't involved in this incident at all at first. i don't think the audio, the time line tells me it was a quick reaction. but water clear is noontime he's on a radio call for a sec baby. all right the president is facing a backlash, republican immigrants say they are ready to shut down the government. dramatic video coming to light reports show the final moments after malaysia flight 17 crashed. we will speak with a top executive group care about that organization. not only clear but other civil organizations including the largest islamic community operation for muslims in the west. they would have use had the as a launching off point. once you understand that, you can reverse engineer it and p protect agencies. we've heard silicon valley often point finger at the feds and government that they're not quite up to date. you know, the best way to do this, republicans admit, is a legislative solution. a surgeon diagnosed with ebola in sierra leone is in extremely critical condition. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. out of 800 they claim 50, 5-0, were militants of the islamic state.

phil black is following the latest developments from done donetsk. that's important because none of the victims are accounted for. reporter: the under surveillance obtained shows wilson leaving the police station after the shooting for the hospital. we don't know what wilson said about his own injury. so for me, it put into perspective a little about this, you know, always calling michael brown a quiet giant but never sort of referring to actually officer wilson was his same size or becker. we still don't have a comprehensive incident report from darren wilson. when he comes back from that radio call, there have been things going on kind of as he's getting out of his cruiser, which maybe he hears in the background, then there were two incidents. you can see shocked villagers trying to make sense of what happened. another massive security beach, the fourth in the last few weeks. the united arab emirates in the battle against isis listed a washington, d.c. the issamic group c.a.r.e., let's talk about this with the the executive director of c. so it is quite frightening and shocking that a state like the uae would designate an american civil rights and advocacy organizations like c.a.r.e. we saw ups hacked, white house and now state department. does government need to step up game a whole lot more? let's be honest, real expertise are many the private sector. actually pass immigration reform as the president says he wants. the open question chris is whether or not the president going alone will cause so much rebellion among conservatives that make legislating impossible. doctors have said to be using several treatment options. drug enforcement administration is investigating the nfl following allegations of illegal prescription drug use. that's a huge difference of civilians killed 750 and 50 militants.

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